My Holiday in Spain

Three weeks ago I was in Spain. I travelled by plane to Malljorca. I stayed in Porta de Polenza in a very big hotel. There were only twenty six Germans, but three hundred English people. Most of them were pensioners, like me. It was like Sigrid and Diana in our English book. It was very interesting. They all didn’t speak Spanish or German, they only spoke English. Poor people! I could practise the English language. Sometimes, I understood, what they said. They said “sorry”, or they said “wait a moment”, or they said “never mind”, like our Sigrid and Diana. In the lift the English people said not “good morning” – no – they said only “moin”. At breakfast, they ate fat bacon with scrambled eggs or fried eggs with haricot (white) beans. The men had all the same names. Their names were Michael or Stephen. All the English ladies and gentlemen were wearing shorts all day. Sometimes the weather was cold and windy, but they wore their shorts. The English sportsmen were biking to the mountains. The ladies went to the beach or they were shopping. The Germans visited the mountains by our own German bus. We went for a walk many hours. We were hiking around the island. Another time, we visited old cities, went to the old castles and to the famous monasteries. Once I visited a pearl factory. They made pearl necklaces, pearl rings and so on. We came back to the hotel every day very late. In the afternoon, at four o’clock, the English people had their teatime, sometimes with dancing. In the evening there was dinner in the dining room. The meal was very good. There was a wonderful big buffet and it was self service. All food were signed in Spanish, in English, in French and in German. But I read the English signs. There was fish like salmon, pork or roast beef. I could read all the vegetables: Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers or salad and so on. Later in the evenings were all the English people Helmut Lehmann in the reception hall and in the ball room. Both were only one big room. The band played and there were shows every day. Now the English people wore other clothes. But their clothes were very old, not modern, said the German women. Between the shows, all English ladies and some English men were dancing “Macaréna”, or the “Hillbilly Rock”, or “The Wonderful Blue Danube”, or all together a form dance. The English drank their tea and the Germans drank- their beer. Sometimes they played “Bingo”. Do you know what it is “Bingo” five questions, and they must answer them. I will give you an example. Here it is. Question number six was: Where was Leonardo da Vinci born a . in Rome b. in Florenze c. in Vinci Do you know it He had nineteen points. After one week, we went home by bus. The first night we travelled by ship with our bus to Barcelona. The ship was a big ferry. The second night we stayed in Montpellier in France and then we went home by bus. Unfortunately we didn’t visit Granada and I didn’t meet our dear friends Sigrid and Diana there.

Helmut Lehmann – Kursteilnehmer VHS Karlsbad, Blooming Well, 4. Semester