A silly mistake

Three days ago, when it was very rainy and stormy, I came out of my flat – but what must I see? It was a horror: In the middle of the white carpet in my corridor there was a yellow spot! One of the two poodles (the younger one I guess) must have lifted (put up) his leg! Naturally I was very angry, went back to the kitchen and grasped the next bottle of vinegar in the cupboard. First I brushed the spot with soap-water and then – with a great swing – I put the vinegar over the carpet (it would frighten the dogs I hoped). But what a shock, I'd taken the balsamico-vinegar, and now the former yellow spot had turned black! Tears stood in my eyes. since three days now I'm brushing and brushing … In Germany we have a saying: "Blinder Eifer schadet nur." I translate: "The more haste – the worst speed!" And that's really true I must learn.

Ruth Krag – VHS Bad Marktheidenfeld – 6.Semester