An den Grünbaum-Verlag

Dear Mrs Grünbaum,

This is just a note to say how delighted I am that I started the first "Englisch für Senioren und Seniorinnen" course at the VHS-Miltenberg.
I have been teaching various levels of English at the VHS for the last 12 years (as a hobby – I'm in full-time employment in the export department of a large furniture manufacturer) and must say that this course is one of the most rewarding I have ever taught. And this mainly due to the concept of your book, its clearly thought out lessons, the wonderful and inspiring communication exercises and the easy preparation!! -- all of which has resulted in the students being enthusiastic and totally committed. I will personally ensure that this course will now become a fixed item on the VHS-Miltenberg's agenda.

With many thanks and best wishes
Heidi Leaske (Kursleiterin VHS-Miltenberg)