An den Grünbaum-Verlag

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

When I was a child war was just over and my school time was hard. There was always a change of schools, teachers and pupils. I had to learn quickly to prepare for a job. My parents were not rich. They had lost all their property, had escaped from bombs and had to leave their home country. All that influenced me. When I was 14 I started to work in a hospital. After training I became a nurse for babies, later for women, too.
During my working time my wish had grown to learn the English language but I did not find the opportunity to do so. Many, many years later even as pensioner I read an article in the newspaper about "Blooming Late". I decided to take part. In the first lessons I was very excited but also nervous. Until that time I could not speak one word of English. From time to time I wanted to give up.
Our teacher, who is a young woman with good feelings towards teaching seniors, has always encouraged us. She organises the lessons well and interesting. Once a month we meet in a restaurant and once a year we go on a trip to Great Britain. I will not give up the learning because I would miss it so much.

Doreen alias Ursula Schulz – Kursteilnehmerin – VHS Weißenfels