An den Grünbaum-Verlag

Dear Sir or Madam,

my student name is Vivian! I am a student in a course of Elizabeth Grünbaum. We work with the second book now. It is nice to learn a language and I enjoy every time when I can go in the course. We have got homeworks and I like it to write in English. I think it would be nice, when someone could write me sometimes a letter. I will answer. Perhaps do you know someone, who has the same idea like me. I am a housewife and 56 years old. I can't say what the course is for me, it is not only a foreign language it is like medicine. All bad thoughts go away and I have no time to think about them. It is fun for me to have day dreams in English and I am looking forward to your answer.

Maria Schlecht – Kursteilnehmerin VHS Trostberg